2018 High School Boys Lacrosse Stick Rule Changes

2018 High School Boys Lacrosse Stick Rule Changes

Throughout this blog, LacrosseMonkey will detail everything you need to know about the 2018 NFHS lacrosse head rule changes and what that means for your player. As of January 1st, 2018 the NFHS has changed the legality of boys’ high school lacrosse heads. The images below are the parameters your lacrosse head must meet.

Head Specifications (2018)

2018 NFHS Lacrosse Head Specifications

Rule Change

High School lacrosse is now changing the ruling on the legality of lacrosse heads. College lacrosse head dimensions are now being applied to the High School lacrosse level. As of January 1st, 2018, any lacrosse head that does not meet the specifications in the pictures above is subject to a 3 minute non-releasable penalty.

To further explain this rule, lacrosse heads using the “HS” or “High School” names in the title are now illegal for High School levels. With the NFHS lacrosse rule change in the 2018 season, lacrosse heads that use “X”, “U”, “10”,”and “X6” will continue to be legal for both NFHS and NCAA levels.

This rule change comes 8 years after the NCAA implemented these specifications. The rule was first put in place to help increase the pace of the game by making it easier to lose the lacrosse ball, increase the safety of the sport, and to create more passing in the game.

What does this mean for you?

This rule means a new lacrosse head for many players across the country. Manufacturers and retailers have made it easier to determine which lacrosse head is legal and which is not. Because of this change, there are no manufacturers that produce heads that are illegal per 2018 NFHS lacrosse rule changes. Since 2010, manufacturers have been making NCAA compliant heads that will be legal in High School under the new NFHS lacrosse rule changes. There are many clues to watch out for to make sure you are getting the right head for your player.

To make this transition easier for our High School level customers, please search for “X”, “U”, “10” and “X6” for your 2018 season. If you are NOT playing in High School or College level in the 2018 season, you can still look for lacrosse heads that use “HS” in the title. This denotes that the lacrosse head is NFHS legal pre-2018 High School rule change. These lacrosse heads will be illegal as of 1/1/18 and not allowed to play a NFHS sanctioned lacrosse game.

NFHS Warrior Evo Comparisons

Warrior Evo 4 X
Warrior Evo 4 X6
Warrior Evo 4 HS

When you are shopping for a new lacrosse head look for letters like, “U”, “X”, and “X6.” The “X” is used by manufacturers like Brine and Warrior. It stands for 2010, which is the year when the rules came into effect at the NCAA lacrosse level. The X6 was also used by Brine and Warrior to denote the year the rules came into effect but that the mouth/scoop of the heads measure 6 inches; this is also now legal for NFHS lacrosse play.

NFHS Brine Clutch Comparisons

Brine Clutch X
Brine Clutch X6
Brine Clutch HS

Since 2016, every manufacturer has stopped producing heads that will not follow the 2018 NFHS rule change. Heads that do not have any of the above letters/numbers in the title have a higher chance of being legal for the 2018 season because now, there is no need to have different versions. Additionally all manufacturers have been producing heads since 2010 that follow the NCAA rule change that NFHS has adopted for the 2018 season.

In Conclusion…

You will need to check your lacrosse head to make sure you are not affected by this rule change. If your lacrosse head does not follow the lacrosse head specifications it will be subject to a 3-minute non-releasable penalty.

LacrosseMonkey Heads

Going forward, selecting a head will be easier because there are less spec heads to be used in more levels of Boy’s Lacrosse. If you are unsure about your lacrosse head legality, please contact our LacrosseMonkey Customer Service at (800)-225-7603.

LacrosseMonkey offers over 100 lacrosse heads for any position and level you can find a link to our lacrosse heads here.


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