East Coast Dyes Rebel Offense and Defense Lacrosse Heads

East Coast Dyes Rebel Offense and Defense

After the great success of the Mirage, East Coast Dyes (ECD) has released their newest product, the ECD Rebel. The Rebel comes in both an offensive and defensive version. This seems to be the direction that companies are headed; offering the same head in position-specific versions. ECD has taken what they have learned from the Mirage and brought much different options to their line. In this article we will go over the aesthetics of the new Rebel Lacrosse Heads, differences from the Mirage, and how those Rebel heads string up for on field performance.


ECD Rebel Offense ECD Rebel Defense
Rebel Offense Rebel Defense

At first glance, the Offense and Defense heads look to be the same; however, when you get closer you can see there are many differences. The first major difference is the thickness of the plastic. With more material on the sidewall rails and struts the Rebel Defense has a beefed up defensive look. However, the Rebel Offense has a sleek offensive look.

Another difference in the heads is the texture. On the back side of the Rebel Offense there is crosshatching texture. The Rebel Defense version features a sand paper feeling plastic throughout the head. We have found that this is just another way to differentiate the two heads. For those who dye heads, this may make things difficult. The texture is going to make using vinyl stickers difficult because the edges will not seal like a smooth mold would. It will still take solid colors and fades fine.

We continue to see the differences in the heads with sidewall struts. The Rebel Defense version has added support to the sidewall member on the top and bottom, which look like little triangles in the alternating corners. The added material helps with durability and strength. The Rebel Offense has regular struts with no added material. You will also notice sturdier looking scoop on the Rebel Defense version compared to the offense. This helps with durability on poke checks and scooping up ground balls.

ECD Rebel Pro Players

If you look at the two heads side to side you will also see how the bottom rails are different, the Rebel Offense has a more relaxed lower curve while the Rebel Defense is much higher. This helps with pocket formation, where a bottom rail is at its lowest is where the pocket general tends to be.

The last difference is very subtle—the face shape. The Rebel Defense version is slightly wider which helps to knock down more passes and have more of an open area to catch. The Rebel Offense version is slightly tighter for ball control and pocket channel.

Differences from the Mirage

The Rebel is the newest head in the line for East Coast Dyes (ECD). ECD first made the Mirage. ECD has taken what they have learned from their first installment and have completely redesigned the new head to stand alone—offering a more versatile head to play anywhere on the field.

ECD Rebel Offense Face ECD Rebel Defense Face ECD Mirage Face
Rebel Offense Rebel Defense Mirage

The face shape has totally changed. The Mirage has one of the most aggressive face shapes in lacrosse. The Rebel, on the other hand, has a more relaxed gradual pinch, making it a more versatile head for the midfielder and defenseman.

ECD dropped the bottom sidewall strut and moved the two struts wider on the head. The two struts remaining act like trusses on a bridge.

ECD Rebel Offense Side ECD Rebel Defense Side ECD Mirage Side
Rebel Offense Rebel Defense Mirage

To address some of the warping/pinching issues with the Mirage, ECD added more plastic to the Rebel making it thicker. The Mirage weighs 4.5 ounces while the Rebel Offense weighs 4.8 ounces and the Rebel Defense weighs 5.8 ounces. The increase in weight contributes to the increased durability of the head. The Rebel line is designed for the two-way midfielder and defenseman.


Yes that is a real word. Stringability is the term often used in the stringing community on how easily a desired pocket is formed.

The Rebel features 18 sidewall holes, 6 top string holes and the traditional 4 bottom string holes. The top 3 holes of the sidewalls feature a square shape, allowing the stringer to wrap around multiple times. The circular holes down the side would allow for two strings to wrap through, but no more than that. The six holes on top allow for anything you want and are perfectly sized for leathers.

ECD Rebel Offense Strung

My desired pocket was achieved easily on both the Rebel Defense and Offense. The spacing of the sidewall holes and the bottom rail allow for a very nice mid pocket on the Rebel Offense and a nice mid-high pocket on the Rebel Defense.

Stringing holes play a major role in the way a head strings up; however, the face shape and bottom rail design are just as important. The side profile really shows the difference in design. The Rebel Defense has a higher kick point to allow for a higher pocket than the more mid kick point of the Rebel Offense.

ECD Rebel Defense Strung

These heads are designed for the creative stringers out there. If you are a stringer, you know the old saying, “It’s not the wand, it’s the wizard,” but I would like to think stringers are the magic; otherwise, it is just a player holding a stick. This stick gives you many options to put the pocket wherever the player would like. If you find yourself on the creative side with fancy knots, the ECD Rebel can absolutely accommodate you as well.

On the Field Performance

The Rebel Defense performed very well when tested in practice. It has a tight face shape allowing for a better channel than most defensive heads. With the tighter channel comes better ball control and gives defenseman the confidence to carry the ball up the field. The scoop is designed to pick up ground balls with ease and it may be one of the best scoops we have seen in a while. ECD has really brought an excellent head to the defensive side; strong enough to deal some damage but offensive enough to carry the ball and push transition. Below are some reviews from the players who used them.

ECD Rebel Mike Simon

“I like the Rebel Defense a lot, it’s hard to find a defensive head that is narrow and still holds its form on heavy checks. The stringing options allow me to put a pocket in it that holds the ball better than some of my other sticks, allowing me to feel more confident when carrying the ball under pressure.” -Jacob (Plano East High School, 2018)

“The Rebel Offense held up really well on both end of the field. I play midfield and a part of that is playing defense. From slap checking to then getting the ball off the ground the Rebel Offense kept its shape. I like the face shape enough area to make catching easy, but pinched enough to hold the ball.”-Jason (Plano East High School, 2018)

Personally, the Rebel Offense has been very impressive. After using it for a little while, I have grown to enjoy how it helped my game. It is designed for a two-way midfielder; looking heftier than most elite offensive heads, but does not feel like it. The Rebel Offense fulfills its role as truly a two-way head not warping during any defensive drills and being light enough to play fast on the offensive end.

EBD Rebel Deemer Class

Wrap It Up…

The Rebel is a highly anticipated release and is ECD’s second head in their line. The heads offer many stringing holes, a nice face shape, and optimal bottom rail for desired pocket placement. The Rebel comes in an Offensive version, designed for the two-way midfielder. The Defensive version, designed for the hard checking defenseman. The head is built to perform on both ends of the field with incredible durability and scoop. If you are looking for an offensive head with defensive strength, the Rebel is for you.

The Rebel has no resemblance to the Mirage. The only thing shared is the ECD name. The Rebel is more durable, has a wider face shape, and offers a defense version. If you are looking for a stronger more versatile head I suggest making the switch to the Rebel.

If you have any questions please contact our Lacrosse Monkey Customer Service at (800)-225-7603.

If you would like to check out the Rebel you can find it here!


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