Holiday Gift Guide II – Empire Snipes Back

Holiday Gift Guide II – Empire Snipes Back

Warrior Krypto Schwartz Attack Lacrosse Shaft

The holidays are just around the corner and our experts at Monkey Sports and are here to help eliminate the stress of finding the perfect gift. This will be our second Holiday Gift Guide Blog that will provide insight on some exotic gift ideas (organized by price) that will better the lacrosse experience for the entire family!


Gift Ideas for $10 – $25

Jimalax Semi Hard Mesh $6.99

StringKing Performance Shooters $6.99

Jimalax Crosslace 16ft. $3.99

Lacrosse Monkey Stringing Set

One great stocking stuffer idea for the “humble” lacrosse player is a customized stringing set! Your stick is a reflection of yourself; no other sport has a piece of equipment more subjective to the individual than lacrosse. Everyone has different preferences, and no two string jobs are the same. White Jimalax Semi Hard Mesh will provide the most bang-for-your-buck when it comes to overall performance. I would not recommend getting colored mesh, the added dye in the mesh tends to hinder the overall feel and accuracy of the stick. That’s just one laxer’s opinion but feel free to complement the mesh with any color sidewall lace and shooting string of your choosing. Lastly, if you or the recipient doesn’t know how to string a lacrosse stick come down to any one of our Monkey Sports superstores, we will be happy string the head for you.


Gift Ideas for $25 – $50

Maverik Corner Shooting Targets $39.99

Set your sights on perfection and give the gift of improved accuracy with Maverik’s Corner Shooting Targets! The Maverik Shooting Targets will not only help promote better accuracy, but they will provide a fun incentive to go out and practice more. Not to mention these shooting targets make playing the game of “Horse” a lot easier to officiate. 


Gift Ideas for $50 – $75

STX Fiddle 3 Stick Game Set $54.99


This is one of Santa’s favorite gifts to give during the holidays. This three-piece mini goal set is a classic Christmas morning surprise that will be treasured by all who play the sport. This 3 Stick Game Set is quick and easy to set up while the kids are asleep. Some of my best childhood memories are with my brothers playing indoor mini-stick lacrosse. This gift is a guaranteed success and it is safe to play indoors with its foam friendly balls. If you have a large family I would recommend getting the STX Fiddle 7 Stick Game Set or just get additional STX Mini-Power Sticks for $16.99 each


Gift Ideas for $75 – $100

Maverik 4.0mm Lacrosse Net $99.99

If you are shopping for a sharp shooting goal scorer that loves to light up the radar gun with high velocity shots, then this is the net for you. With Maveriks 4.0mm high-extension polyester design even professional players will struggle burning holes in this net. (Goal Posts Not Included)


Gift Ideas for over $100

STX Ball Wall $274








Do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift that will save you both time shagging balls, and money spent repairing broken windows. With the STX Ball Wall backstop you should never have to shag or replace a broken window again! Not to mention you should see a return on your investment in a couple months since you won’t have to replace countless lost lacrosse balls that went over the fence. If you can, I highly recommend getting this or checking our other goals and backstops here.


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