Lacrosse Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner and our experts at Monkey Sports and are here to help eliminate the stress of finding the perfect gift. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will provide insight on some exotic gift ideas (organized by price) that will better the lacrosse experience for the entire family!


Gift Ideas for $10 – $25

SockGuy Lacrosse Socks $9.99 – $12.99

SockGuy Lacrosse Socks


Wearing crazy socks during a lacrosse game is like wearing ugly sweaters during a holiday Christmas party, it’s just lax bro culture. Players of all ages love them, and the more they clash with the jersey the better! Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way it goes. They believe that one’s skill is directly correlated with how awesome their socks are, and they have studies to prove it.


Gift Ideas for $25 – $50

Lacrosse Shorts $24.99 – $49.99

Lacrosse Monkey Shorts

You can never have too many lacrosse shorts! (Just make sure they have pockets) lacrosse is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle and one’s personality is shown directly through the artwork of their shorts. Although they were designed primarily to be worn at practice, Kids will wear them to school everyday and they will become a main part of their wardrobe. That is why you need them to have pockets or else the recipient will use the waistband of the shorts to hold their smart phones and then they will inevitably drop and shatter their screen. Trust me; pockets are a big deal when it comes to shorts. My college team boycotted practice unless the school agreed to put pockets in our game shorts.


Gift Ideas for $50 – $75

Maverik Paul Wall Lacrosse Goal Blocker $64.99


Maverik Paul Wall Goal Blocker

It doesn’t matter how hard you can shoot if you can’t hit the net. Set your sights and gain more control and accuracy with the Maverik Paul Wall Lacrosse Goal Blocker. This gift is perfect for any age and it is absolutely a MUST OWN when it comes to dedicated lacrosse families. Plus with this goal blocker you won’t have any goalies complaining that you are shooting too hard at their boney shins. UNLEASH YOUR MAX.


Gift Ideas for $75 – $100

Brine Collegiate 3.0mm Lacrosse Net – Black $99.99

Brine Collegiate 3.0mm Lacrosse Net - Black









Take pride in your back yard lacrosse net and upgrade the netting to a strong 3.0mm high-extension polyester lacrosse net for your goal. With its solid black color, your backyard practice net will resemble a professional MLL goal and be very resilient against tearing with its triple-stitched binding for increase durability. (Goal Posts Not Included)


Gift Ideas for over $100

Bounce Back $199

Lacrosse Monkey Rebounders

I am sure you have all heard of the phrase “ball on wall’ before? If not, that is okay because you will hear about it soon. Playing “ball on wall” is the number one practice technique used by players and coaches to get better stick skills by throwing a ball up against the wall and catching it repeatedly. The only difference between that and this product is the Maverik Bounce Back will prevent your son or daughter from breaking the stucco and making loud banging noises up against the side of the house. LONG story LONG; the Maverick bounce back “WILL” make you a better player, as long as you put the time in. Good players practice when the coach tells them to, great players practice when no one is watching. The bounce back is fun and beneficial for all and we highly recommend it here at Monkey Sports. For more Rebounder/Bounce Back options, such as the (Brine Collegiate line), go to!







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