New Warrior & Brine Shafts Coming Soon!

New Warrior & Brine Shafts Coming Soon!

Every year, Monkey fans young… and not so young… look to for all their equipment needs! And every year, we go above and beyond that call of duty and work with your favorite manufacturers to give you EXCLUSIVES that come straight from our very own brains!

This year is no different… We’ve come up with some pretty sweet designs for Warrior and while we will continue with last year’s hottest exclusive, the Brine Rasta King, we have also decided to add more team-specific colors to the Brine Swizzbeat and Swizzle Scandium lines!


Squint Eastwood: Some of you may have seen the Squint Eastwood, which was leaked on our Facebook page! The buzz around this shaft leads us to believe that this will be one of the hottest tickets in the shaft world! This Kryptolyte shaft gets fresh with raised neon shades that provide sick grip and will match all neon heads from Brine and Warrior! Comes in white or black

RASTA Lion: We know how much the bros love the Rasta colors so we’re bringing in the Rasta Lion. This will be a Kryptolyte Non-Grip shaft and will be the new Rasta design for this year!

The Schwartz: Yes, as in “May the Schwartz be with you” (if you don’t know, ask your parents)… This Jedi-inspired non-grip Kryptolyte shaft looks quite like a Light Saber (except it’s cooler) and features a smooth, not quite allow finish that is just straight sick and you’re going to love it! This shaft will be available in Purple, Green, Royal Blue and Red… and the graphics will be applied the same way as the Element shafts! Available in October.

Barber Pole: Did someone say DIAGONAL STRIPES? How is it possible that this hasn’t been done before? Well it has now! Available in October.

The Barber Pole will have the much coveted DIAMOND grip and will come in the following color combinations:

BARBER POLE Color Combinations:







Vegas Gold/White/Black


We will still carry the stock silver with the colored grip, but this year we will also feature all new color combinations that are going to rock the Lacrosse world and make you turn cartwheels with glee (ok, I went too far… but you get the idea).

New SWIZZBEAT Colors (Attack Length Only):


Black/Neon Green




New SWIZZLE SCANDIUM Colors (Attack Length Only):

White/Red (you’ve seen the Red/White… but wait till you see this combo!)



So tell us… which one are you pumped about?

What are your thoughts?