NFHS Boys Lacrosse 2011 Uniform Rules

NFHS Boys Lacrosse 2011 Uniform Rules


The National Federation of State High School Associations has amended the rules for uniforms:

1. Jerseys shall be of a single, solid color.
2. The jersey shall completely cover the shoulder pads.
3. Jerseys shall be of contrasting colors for opposing teams. The home team shall wear light jerseys and the visiting team shall wear its dark-color jerseys. The visiting team is responsible for avoidance of similarity of colors, but, if there is doubt, the referee may require the home team to change jerseys.

1. Collar, cuffs and waistband may be of contrasting colors, but not more than 2 inches wide.
2. Side inserts (no more than armpit to waistband) may be of contrasting color(s), but no more than 3 inches wide.
3. Contrasting colored piping not to exceed 1/8-inch wide is allowed.

1. Numbers shall be centered vertically and horizontally and at least 8 inches tall on the front and at least 12 inches tall on the back.
2. Numbers may contain contrasting color trim(s) not to exceed 2 inches (the number shall contrast with the body of the jersey).
3. Duplicate numbers on jerseys shall not be permitted on the same team.

1. All players on the same team shall wear uniform shorts of the same dominant color.

1. A visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark may not exceed 2¼ square inches and 2¼ inches in any direction on the jersey and/or pant/short. Beginning in 2010, no more than one manufacturer’s logo/trademark or reference on the outside of each item. (The same size restriction shall apply to either the manufacturer’s logo/trademark or reference).

NOTE: An American flag, not to exceed 2 by 3 inches, and either a commemorative or a memorial patch, not to exceed 4 square inches and with written state association approval, may be worn on the jersey provided neither the flag, nor the patch, interferes with the visibility of the number. class=”aligncenter size-thumbnail wp-image-48″ />

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