U.S. vs. Canada: Redux

U.S. vs. Canada: Redux

37540_383300027394_40830472394_3884140_7207436_nSaturday marks yet another matchup of the U.S. and Canada for a world championship.  After a disappointing loss in 2006, Pressler and the Coaching staff believe they have the team that will win it all this year.  Question is, do they have what it takes to get it done in 2010?  On paper they have a loaded roster; one that should beat any team in the world.  On grass, they have to take on a Canadian team who all grew up playing box lacrosse so they have crazy good stick skills.

With Paul Rabil on the U.S. side many people think they should take home the gold.  However, no one is talking about John Grant, Jr. in the states.  If the U.S. wants to bring home that gold they’ve got to stop him and his offensive output.

And get by Brodie Merill on defense.

And stop Zach Greer.  And Garett Billings.

Could be tough.

Watch it Saturday at 11 am e.s.t. on ESPNU.

What are your thoughts?