US Lacrosse Announces New Standards for Women’s Goggles and Headgear

US Lacrosse, the national governing body for all levels of lacrosse, has announced new ASTM standards for women’s lacrosse goggles and headgear. Starting on January 1, 2017, all women’s lacrosse goggles must meet ASTM standard F3077 and all women’s lacrosse headgear must meet standard ASTM F3177.

Simply put, these new standards define the protection and performance standards for goggles and headgear. For goggles, F3077 adds additional tests to the general eyewear category to ensure safety and performance. For headgear, F3177 defines the standards for three main tests: a ball impact test of 60 mph, a drop test that simulates being hit in the head by a stick swing of 45 mph, and a deformation test that makes sure the headgear is in line with the softness that the rules of women’s lacrosse demands.

These rules will go into effect for all levels of women’s lacrosse, from youth to NCAA. All goggles or headgear worn at these levels will need to meet these new standards and be approved. This doesn’t mean you should go toss your current goggles in the trash, however. There are many goggles on the market that fall into compliance with standard F3077 and a list of the US Lacrosse approved eyewear can be found on the US Lacrosse website.

For our customers in Florida, you can continue to wear your current headgear for the 2017 season before the Florida State High School Athletics Association adopts the new ASTM F3177 standard for the 2018 season.

The new standards do not mandate that you must wear headgear; headgear will continue to remain optional (with the exception of Florida), but should you choose to wear headgear it must be on the list of US Lacrosse approved headgear.

In response to the new ASTM standards, Cascade Lacrosse will introduce the Cascade LX, an integrated headgear and goggle for women’s lacrosse. The LX will meet both standards for goggles and headgear, providing the best in protection for all field players.


The LX feature’s Cascade’s Fit System, giving you interchangeable cheek pads and an adjustable strap in the rear, allowing the system to fit a variety of head shapes and sizes. The back of the LX supports a mid-high or low pony tail. Much like the Cascade helmets found in the men’s game, the LX features Poron XRD, giving you the most comfort from your headgear during play and the best protection possible when it’s needed.


The outer shell of the LX has the flexibility required by the ASTM standard, but is tough enough to take impacts. Additionally, there’s room for team customization never before available in the women’s game.


Look for the Cascade LX to be available on in mid-November. The LX comes in six colors, with the ability to add 13 additional hits of color with Cascade’s LX Mohawk accessory.

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